Monday, July 10, 2006

Day 29 (but who's counting)

The regiment is winding down to an end, but the next few days are still going to be busy for me. I have to take a land nav written test tonight, and then most of tomorrow and tomorrow night, I will be out actually doing the course. From what I hear, it's even easier than last year now; the only issue is that some of the points are spaced far apart. I'm not worried about passing, but I still don't particularly want to do it.

The cadets were in the field last week so we (the cadre) had a rotation going for the first few days, giving us all a chance to go back to the rear to take showers and sleep in beds (for all the civilians, "the rear" is military for civilization/not the field or front lines). We had to be out there the entire time for patrolling, though, which was four days and three nights. It wasn't too bad except for the fact that while I was in the field, I found out that my orders were changing and I needed to see or contact some people to find out about it by Saturday (I found out Friday). We didn't get out of the field till Saturday evening so I was just a bit irritated as a result. Fortunately, my dad is here at the moment so he looked into it for me and kept me updated (free lunches and dinners are another perk to having a family member in the area).

My orders originally had me going to Virginia for two and half months to "snow-bird" or basically hang out on an Army base and do random tasks they assigned me, then proceed to Ft. Sill for school in October, and finally return to Viriginia for more school in November. I had also been planning on taking a few days leave and stopping by home on my way to Virginia, but that is not happening now. I don't actually have my new orders yet, but I have my new school date, and it's in the beginning of August, so instead of leaving Warrior Forge (or hell as I like to call it) on the 14th like the cadets, I'll be held over for a few weeks until I need to leave for Ft. Sill. I guess at least I'll get BOLC II over with, but I didn't really want to be in Ft. Sill (or Ft. Benning) in the middle of the summer. Also, I was planning on using those two months to get back into shape, and I really wanted to catch up with some people back home. I guess I should get used to it. Go Army. At least my dad will be out here, and hopefully they will consider how busy TAC life is, and thus give me a nice cushy office job as follow up as a result.

There hasn't been too much else going on. The days are busy, and nothing ever goes quite as expected but I can't think of anything else to add at the moment. Perhaps I'll have to do a entry on the wild life of Ft. Lewis some time soon, but I should probably get off the computer.