Friday, June 23, 2006

Quick post to notify everyone that I am alive and "well"

I'm on CQ duty right now, which means if anything goes wrong tonight, I'm the point of contact. It also means that I have to conduct checks of the barracks to make sure the fireguard is awake and doing its job, and enjoy some interrupted sleep for the next few hours. On the plus side - internet access.

As it turns out, being a cadre member at Warrior Forge is not that much better than being a cadet. While I don't have to participate in all of the training, I also have even less time to sleep than the cadets. As much as it might suck to be a cadet, the schedule usually includes personal hygiene time, down-time to prep for the next day, and little things like that. Also, the cadre ensure that cadets get three meals a day, and they are offered laundry services. As for cadre, we get our $10 a day per diem so if we are in the field, we are kind of on our own about meals. We have personal hygiene time before we wake up the cadets and after we put them to bed which is about the same time we pack our rucks, prepare for the next day and do laundry. As one person has already told me (and I've figured it out on my own), they really don't take care of the cadre here.

I'm in this weird position in the middle. I'm cadre but I was a cadet only four weeks ago. Also, since all of the 2LTS have to proceed from here to BOLC II, the next Army training camp in store for us, somebody decided it would be helpful to have all the 2LTs go through basic rifle marksmanship and land nav. We had to do the BRM training with the cadets so that makes it a bit harder to really act and appear as an authority figure. We also have to take a PT test, and are expected to work out while we are here, but there is no time in the day for the TACs. It's not like taking a PT test is going to help me perform well at BOLC II - I know my own limits already, and it's not like a PT score is going to train me or change them.

Anyway, I should probably go take this opportunity to take a quick nap before the next cadets show up to replace the ones currently pulling fire guard.

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