Sunday, January 20, 2008


So it's been a while - I wrote a blog entry back in December in response to a question I'd received a long time ago but when I asked one of my friends over here to review it, he advised me that it might not be the best idea to publish it. Basically, I'm still as negative and cynical as ever, but I'm trying not to publicize it as much since I'd rather stay out of trouble.

I got through Christmas and New Year's without feeling too homesick. New Year's was very boring but I've also realized, I've never actually had an eventful New Year's - somehow despite all my plans, I always ended up watching movies or something like that.

They changed one of the policies in General Order #1 so now women are allowed to visit men in their rooms and vice versa from 9 in the morning until 9 in the evening - considering that most of my peers are of the opposite gender, it makes my life more convenient and slightly adds to the amount of things I can do with people. Of course, I still can't compete with video games and have no desire to invest in an X-Box 360 (everybody is playing Call of Duty 4, and about half the company seems to be hooked up to each other), but some of us usually end up playing a board game about once a week (Balderdash, Cranium, and Risk when there are fewer people).

Work is work. Not really much to talk about there.

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