Sunday, February 08, 2009

Book 16: Club Dead

Club Dead by Charlaine Harris

I actually read this one awhile ago, just didn't feel like saying anything about it. As with the others, the novel in and of itself is light entertainment, and as a whole, the stories are creative and entertaining enough. However, some small character quirks about Sookie are starting to bug me just a little bit. Every time she uses a big word, she makes a reference to her word a day calendar. It's not so much the fact that she has one of these that annoys me, but it's like the author cannot just let Sookie use a large word because she's smart or well-read, nope, she always has to be self-deprecating about it and explain why she would know such a thing. After seeing that damn thing referred to at least two or three time per novel, it gets irritating. There have always been a few times when it seems like Sookie is too innocent or prudish for her age. One example that comes to mind is her reaction to lingerie in the second novel, although she changes her mind once she sees Bill's reaction.

Club Dead is more focused than the last novel, with one mystery taking centerstage. Bill, while on a mission for another vampire, goes missing and Sookie has to help find him, even though he was last seen in the presence of an ex-girlfriend who wasn't quite so ex anymore. After three novels, I'm kind of bored with Bill, and wouldn't mind if Sookie explored some of her other options. Honestly, if it weren't for the fact that the rest of the series is already here, I don't think I'd be in any hurry to go order the rest. It's not that they're bad, considering what they are, but they are a bit formulaic.

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