Saturday, July 18, 2009

Book 80: From Dead to Worse

From Dead to Worse by Charlaine Harris

There were about three major plot points in this novel, but unlike in many of the other novels in the series, they don't intermix. Instead, they occur one right after the other (really, this book could have very well been broken up into parts I, II and III). This wasn't necessarily a bad thing; the novel simply didn't have an overall driving story, and I think it actually worked pretty well.

I'd describe this book as Harris's version of housecleaning: since so much baggage has been created from the rest of the series, Harris uses this book to tie up some loose ends and as a set up for new plots that I'm sure will happen in the rest of the series. The rivalry between Alcide and the pack master is taken care of, the weakening state of the vampires of Louisiana is all dealt with by way of a hostile take over, both of which will probably end up playing heavily into the next novels. Sookie breaks things off with Quinn, and another one of her admirers seems to have moved on. Some problems that Sookie's been dealing with for a while may finally be taken care of or at least partially. Of course, new charactes are also introduced such as her great-grandfather, Niall, and at the very end, Sookie meets her dead cousin's son, who also has psychic abilities.

Given how much has been going on in the series, I think it was a very good idea to devote a book to more or less setting up things for later in the series as well as getting rid of a few characters that had outgrown their purpose. I only wish she'd get rid of Bill completely instead of having him show up every once and a while and declare his love, although at least Sookie doesn't seem too affected by it most of the time. What can I say, if Sookie's going to go for a vampire, Eric is much more entertaining.

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