Sunday, February 21, 2010

Book 48: White Night

White Night by Jim Butcher

While I really enjoy this series, I don't like reviewing them that much because I feel like I'm getting rather repetitive - fun series, spoilers for rest of novels, temptations of dark power, keep getting better etc. So now that I have those comments out of the way, I'll do a quick summary of the plot and move on from there. Sorry, I really don't get too deep on these but at this point it's all very cumulative.

This is the ninth book in the series, and Harry's tutoring Molly, Michael's daughter, on how to control her power. While she may still decide not to be wizard, she has enough power that she needs to learn about because otherwise she could do great harm. Murphy has been demoted to sergeant due to her actions in the previous novel, and she calls Harry in on a slightly odd suicide. Dresden quickly finds a magical connection, and thus the investigation begins. It turns out Harry has stumbled upon a serial killer that has been killing minor talents in the local magical community (they don't have enough power to qualify for the Council but they have more than the average human). However, no one wants to talk to Harry, and once he finally tracks down someone that will, he realizes why: the women have been seen with men in gray cloaks. Also, a few women have recently disappeared and there are security pictures of them with a tall man that looks slightly like Harry in the blurred pictures. Not only is someone trying to pose as a Warden in order to create distrust in the magical community, but a tall man that has a resemblance to Harry naturally leads to Thomas.

There is much more to the case, naturally, and once Thomas and the White Court are involved, it is only natural to expect manipulation and double and triple crossing. Elaine, Harry's ex-girlfriend from way back, makes an appearance in the novel, her first since Summer Knight. Additionally, Marcone plays a role, of course, and while Harry is rather snippy to the guy and acts like a jackass, I really like Marcone, the local crime boss. Must be back from my "I love The Godfather and I want to be a mob boss" days. I was 12. And yet, I don't play Mafia Wars on Facebook . . .

Basically those are the major plot points, and unless I want to start sounding like a broken record or simply copy and paste from my last Dresden Files review, I figure I should probably just stop it here.

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