Monday, March 22, 2010

Yep, I'm Still Here

I haven't updated in a while, and part of it is because whenever I get on a computer nowadays, I seem to be distracted by Facebook, and lack of desire to be productive. I might have to start going to Starbucks because I've noticed being in a different setting usually helps with the productivity. I also haven't been reading quite as much the last few weeks because my social life has definitely been much busier since being at CLC3. I guess there's just something about having a lot of single officers (or geographical bachelors) with disposable income and no actual work responsibilities besides the occasional homework that fosters the opportunity to have one of those. I mean the majority of my fellow officers and peers are married, some even with children, but there are enough around here that aren't to make for some fun weekends. I spent the weekend before St. Patrick's Day at an Irish pub up in Richmond, and spent the actual day watching Lost.

After hearing about how awesome Lost was for almost six seasons, I finally decided to check it out, now that it is almost over. What can I say, I always join things late. Also, this saves me the frustration of waiting for answers for six years. I've watched three seasons in a week, and just ordered the next two. Obviously, I am enjoying it, but does everybody on that island have daddy-issues? Seriously, Locke's flashbacks kind of irritate me. I know I'm a little late to be adding me two cents but at least it's an update, right?

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Jami said...

I think that Locke's got one of the biggest character growth arcs. He does eventually become less whiny. . .