Saturday, June 26, 2010

Time for another Transition - Yay?

I have about a week left of CLC3 (Combined Logistics Captains' Career Course) and then it's time to pack up and head to my next duty station. I definitely have mixed feelings about that one. We just finished up Phase 3 of the course, which was the part that involved going to Eustis and dealing with branch-specific things rather than the whole multi-functional logistician angle. Honestly, I enjoyed the Transportation portion of this course more than anything else. I really am not excited about the fact that in a week I will be considered a logistician and not a transporter. I've also come to realize that I would love to command a pure transportation company and with where my next duty assignment is taking me, I will probably not have that opportunity (unless I'm somehow get command in the SB that supports the BCT I'm going to).

I haven't been blogging much, but I have been reading, though not as much as usual. I'm not sure if I've just been too unfocused or keep picking books that I'm just not in the right mindset for. Or maybe the books really are just crappy. I've also been rewatching Buffy, though I was a little hesitant to start the 4th season because on the one hand - Buffy, and Giles, and Anya! On the other - Riley. Every time he comes on screen, I just start telling him to die already.

I finally went to New York City for the first time ever over Memorial Day Weekend. Unfortunately, I still seemed to have the worst hangover of my life for the first day or two there (which leads me to think I had more than just a hangover - I didn't have that much to drink, I didn't black out or anything, but I couldn't keep food down for a day and a half). So I didn't do as much as I had originally planned but it was still a fun weekend. I saw two Broadway musicals, I went to the MET, I spent an afternoon reading in Central Park, went to the top of the Empire State Building, visited a Barnes and Nobles that claims to be the largest bookstore in the world, went to Tiffany's on 5th Avenue, and I met Dene, a fellow Pajiban. That was very awesome - lunch turned into a twelve hour day that involved a tour of the East Village, a few local bars, absolutely delicious Pickleback shots, and ended up with an amazing roof top view of the Manhattan skyline at night.

I finally read that Rolling Stones article that a few people have been talking about concerning General McChrystal last night/this morning. As usual, I'm completely unaware of what is going on around me, so I was rather late to the game. Probably yet another sign of my not really being a great officer. Is it bad that for the first half of the article I was more distracted by his anti-Gucci comments? I mean, I didn't love Paris, either - I thought it was a gorgeous city with way too many people and tourist, but I actually quite like Gucci and Prada. Oh well, way too focus on what's really important, right?


denesteak said...

Do you have to move to another state to be a logistician? NYC maybe??

Also, like I said before, it was so great to meet you (FIRST PAJIBAN!!) and I was especially glad that you got to see all the place I like/meet people I like (even though some of it was a surprise to me too!) Come back to New York!

Riley = bleh, wooden as hell.

denesteak said...

Also, I just read that Rolling Stones article 2 days ago, and was really impressed by it. McChrsytal sounds like someone whom I do not want to get into a drunken fist fight with.