Saturday, August 07, 2010

Book 78: A Taste of True Blood

A Taste of True Blood: A Fangbanger's Guide edited by Leah Wilson

I'm not nearly as obsessed with True Blood as many other people are. I haven't even seen any of the third season, and will patiently wait until it's on DVD so I can watch it all at once. I think it's fun, if slightly trashy, and I also think it's interesting how different the characters have been portrayed compared to the novels in some ways. My favorite (other than Eric) is probably Lafayette, and yes, while Tara has her moments, I think I am more partial to her than many other viewers. Sookie can get rather annoying sometimes, and I don't always think she acts like a very good friend to those around her. I felt this in the novel with her friendship with Sam, but it's even worse in the TV show with everyone she knows.

Still, I love reading the discussions online about the show, and some of the feminist blogs that like to dissect it afterwards. I wasn't even going to buy this originally, but I read a few essays at the bookstore, and decided to take it home with me. Some of them were definitely better than others. There was one about being a Christian vampire which just irritated me. Some tried to be more analytical and used more research and sources, while others were lighter (though they were all rather light). I think one of my favorite ones was "SOOKEH! Bee-ill! and the Downfall of William T. Compton," just for the title alone.

I also enjoyed one which discussed the usage of color in the show, and a few other essays that focused more specifically on Jason Stackhouse and Tara since their storylines are the ones that diverge the most from the novels.

Overall, entertaining but nothing super-deep. I'm sure everyone that likes that show would find at least one essay they agreed with.

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The Caustic Critic said...

I'll have to look into this (since I am sort of obsessed with the books/show). It sounds like an interesting diversion.