Friday, July 26, 2013

Book 85: Unraveled

I haven't ever really read romance, or been too interested in the genre (I was totally judging the books by their covers), but I realized that some of the descriptions of all the novels Malin was reviewing sounded like a lot of fun.  Especially this one.  I also thought Mrs. Julien's description of this one sounded interesting.  Instead of just trying to pick a romance novel out on my own, I asked Malin for her recommendation for a first time reader of romance, and this is the one she came back with.
The novel revolves around Smite Turner, the middle brother in his family and the last to have a book devoted to him, and Miranda Darling, who was raised by actors and is now a bit of wigmaker/seamstress.  After they cross paths in Smite's court room, the two get to know each other, and Smite makes her a proposition to be his mistress for a month.  Smite is very damaged, and doesn't want to get too comfortable with anyone even though he is fascinated by Miranda.  Miranda decides to accept his proposition because she is also very much interested in him, and it would make her financially stable for a very long time.  There is a subplot involving a mysterious Patron, a shadowy underground figure that protects the lower classes but also has a tendency to ask for favors.
I liked the fact that when Miranda is faced with challenges she doesn't use them as an excuse or reason to leave, and instead confides in Smite, thus preventing unnecessary convoluted plot lines as seen in most romantic comedies.  While I thought the ending was a bit muc (in regards to the subplot), overall it was a fun book.  I still don't see myself becoming a big romance reader, but I can see where I might enjoy it every once in a while, especially on plane rides or when I need something light.

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Malin said...

Don't hesitate to ask me or Mrs. Julien for advice light romance. Authors who write more good than bad stuff: Julia Quinn, Loretta Chase, Courtney Milan, Julie Anne Long, Sarah Maclean and Lisa Kleypas (only the historicals, NOT contemporaries).