Thursday, November 07, 2013

Checking In

After seven years off of school, I started taking two online grad school courses in September (Humanities - it was the closest to an English program I could find).  For the most part, balancing work and school hasn't been an issue, but one of the victims has definitely been my personal reading time.  I still read plenty of homework, but most of my assignments tend to be articles or parts of books, and thus not long enough to qualify for CBR, but there's enough of them total to take up time.  Right now, I'm a bit over halfway through the classes, and for one, I have a 14-16 page research paper due which will also eat up a lot of my reading time.  Anyway, despite all that, I'm actually still have about twenty reviews I need to catch up on, and given that people are starting to post reading challenges for next year, I'm feeling inspired to clean everything up, wrap up all my reading plans for the year, and start making some much less ambitious ones for next year.  So in other words, I should hopefully start posting again in the next week ... this weekend is shot between travel and papers, though.

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The Caustic Critic said...

Congrats on going back to school!