Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Book 26: Cress

While it took me a long time to actually start this series, I was quickly sucked up in it, and have been looking forward to this third release of The Lunar Chronicles.  While Cinder, the cyborg Cinderella, is definitely the main character of the series, each book introduces or focuses on a new modernized and reimagined fairy tale heroine.  Cress, the story's Rapunzel, had a brief appearance in Cinder as a Lunar hacker that helps Cinder, but this novel develops on the story of the girl in the satellite.
One thing I love about this series is how Meyer is both expanding the story as she goes on, while also tieing back to earlier references and characters and incorporating them as the plot progresses.  Several things we learn in this novel put some previous ideas on their heads, especially the fate of shells, and there is also a bit more from Lunar proper this time, and people of Lunar that aren't just the queen's lackeys.  Meyer had already hinted previously that the evil queen was also an evil stepmother, and I can't wait for the next book which will present the Snow White story and wrap everything up.
I'm trying not to give too much away but I am very impressed with Meyer's plotting skills and how she's keeping everything in her radar.  Even throw away comments end up being important. With that attention to detail, she could easily lose site of the big picture, but she still manages to create a fast paced story, and even the coincedences don't actually work against her as they make sense within the context.  After a rescue mission for Cress goes awry (after all, having her knowledge at the rebel's disposal would be incredibly useful), the team is split into three, all assuming the worst of the others' fate.  Cress is stranded in the desert with Thorne, who is more con man than prince, though she is a bit too naive and innocent to see this, thus forcing out the best in him.
As she introduces new characters, Meyer still makes sure to pay attention to her already established characters, and works to advance the overall story as well.  I'll definitely be adding Winter to my preorders as soon as I can, and can't wait to see what else Meyer may do once she is done with the series.

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