Thursday, November 09, 2006

Run off and play, children - I mean lieutenants

Our classes this week have focused on the Army's sea craft (yes, the Army has boats). On Tuesday we went on a tour of some of the different vessels that are located here at Ft. Eustis. It was interesting, though honestly, after you've seen one, they are all pretty similar: bridge with commo and computer screens, engine room etc. The only thing that really changes is size. When our instructors dropped us off, they basically told us to go scatter and that it was prearranged but since this is the Army, there was a good chance the crews didn't even know we were coming.

Yesterday, we had another practical exercise with a briefing. When they assigned us our groups and units, they told us the units we would be representing were all located here on base, so if we wanted to know how they worked, we could give them a call or drive over and hang out for a while. It's almost as if our instructors didn't actually want to deal with us and were trying to pawn us off on basically anyone else. Also, if I were in a unit, and got a call from a group of LTs asking if they could come hang out that same morning, I'd probably say no - after all, I'll have an actual job, so I'm not sure how much time I would have to give tours to TBOLC students (now, if they gave me a few days warning, that would be a different thing). My group didn't contact anyone, but two groups did - and they got dogged during the briefing for having false info ("They told us they'd lie to us!"). Actually, giving the briefing was rather similar to facing a firing line. Our 10-15 minute briefings were followed by 10 minutes of questions by a subject matter expert and when he couldn't find anything wrong with the actual information, he started picking on people's font sizes and slide shows.

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