Monday, November 27, 2006

What is wrong with these people?

I have two assignments due this week: my ethics paper on Thursday and my oral brief on Friday. At least that's how it was up until about fifteen minutes ago. The major told our class leader that he wanted to do the briefings on Thursday instead. Now I really don't care when the schedule changes, but who the hell moves up a due date the week of? And then doesn't even tell the whole class in person and makes our poor class leader the messenger? If he'd told us this a week ago, it would have sucked but we would have dealt with it. If he'd decided to push the date back, we would have had no problem. But who moves the due date closer four days before something is due, especially when the class has another assignment for that day? That just takes this place to a whole new level of perversity.

Obviously, in college I had papers due on the same day occasionally, but the professors all worked independently of each other. While we have different instructors here, this is ONE course - therefore they should have to consider our other assignments for that week. The class leader is going to try to talk to the major again tomorrow but so far, the cadre here have yet to show much compassion or humanity. Maybe the chaplain will change the date for his ethics paper (oh wait, I forgot, the chaplain is just as bad as the rest of them). Why couldn't I have been branched AG? Or Med Service?

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