Sunday, September 23, 2007

Still Here

I've lost all concept of time. It's not that the days fly by here in any way, but since they all seem basically the same, it's hard to tell one day from another or have any idea of how long it's been since doing anything - translation: that's the excuse for not updating; I didn't realize it had already been more than a week. Of course, there's not really much to talk about either.

I got a package from Amazon with the second seasons of Weeds and The 4400, so I put my reading on hold while I finished those up. I also watched most of the 2nd season of The Office (I borrowed it from someone but he hasn't given me the last disc yet). Now I'm waiting on Heroes to come out on DVD so I can check that out, and see if it's as good as everyone says.

We had our first officer's call this past week. I don't think I'm ever going to be able to enjoy karaoke again - it's one thing to go to a bar and do it voluntarily, and an entirely different thing to watch people be forced to sing. Also, at a karaoke bar, the people singing are really more background noise since you're hanging out with your friends, while at the officer's call, the performers were basically the center of attention. I guess alcohol usually helps as well, and non-alcoholic beer just doesn't have the same effect. I have also determined that I'm never going to go to salsa - they offer it once a week at the MWR, and every single time I've had a meeting or something else going on - this week I thought I'd actually be able to go, and that's the time we had the officer's call.

Speaking of alcohol, I got a letter from my grandfather today with some rather interesting and useful advice - avoid alcohol so it won't affect any decisions I might have to make while under pressure. Considering that alcohol is kind of, well, ILLEGAL, I shouldn't have too much of a problem doing that. I guess being German, he doesn't quite realize the rules the US military has, but it's still kind of funny. Also, since his letter started saying, "I hope you're doing well considering," I'm kind of surprised he'd think there'd be bars in the area.

Other than that, my bad luck/klutziness streak continues:

Remember my horrible door that I discussed earlier? Well, the saga continues. I lost my key while walking (I knew I didn't trust the PT short pockets!), and had to have the RNU guy break me into my room. He put in an emergency work order for me to get a new lock or door, which means they are supposed to come in two to four hours to fix it. They didn't. Of course, considering how badly the door was sticking, I'm pretty sure anyone unfamiliar with my door, just would have assumed it was locked if they'd tried to open it. I finally got a new lock yesterday, and I'm not sure if they did anything else, but it hasn't been sticking as badly lately.

I also lost my glasses. I had an extra set, but I really liked my other ones.

And yesterday, my computer screen basically went out. If I try really hard, I can see what's on it, but as one of the computer whizzes in the company explained, the lamp or something went out, so I need either a S-Video screen to hook it up to the TV, a monitor, a new screen or a new computer. As if I know where to get any of that stuff. He said something about tigerdirect, so maybe I'll look there - it's just online shopping really doesn't do it for me when I have the computer for half hour blocks, and the connection's slow.

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