Sunday, March 08, 2009

Books 26-28: Sookie Stackhouse Novels 5-7

Dead as a Doornail by Charlaine Harris
Definitely Dead by Charlaine Harris
All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris

I was kind of in the mood for some light reading this weekend so I finished off the rest of the novels from the Sookie Stackhouse Boxed Set. While I was complaining about the novels in the middle of the series, these were actually a lot of fun. Yes, there are times when the writing seems a little simple, the men are all incredibly possessive and old-fashioned, and occasionally Sookie bugs me, but at least Sookie also generally resents all these men being possessive and saves them just as often as they save her.

One minor problem with the novels might be the fact that it seems like everyone that meets Sookie who is slightly supernatural instantly falls for her and wants to be involved with her, but Harris seemed to notice that this might be a weakness, and actually more or less got rid of two of Sookie's admirers in Definitely Dead, even though she also added a new one. Another good thing was that there wasn't too much of Bill in these novels. I really don't like him.

One thing I liked is that Harris keeps referring to things from previous novels and fleshing out on them such as the Fellowship of the Sun. She also threw in a few complications about Bill's motivations - anything that will get rid of him makes me happy. Generally the books end with huge battles which I don't really need, but at least I can usually scan through them rather quickly - descriptions of people running around frantically don't do it for me, but I like how Harris is also exploring the politics of the supernatural world more.

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