Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm on Vacation, finally

I'm currently on leave in the States. Despite the almost twenty four hours it took me to get from my little town in Germany to back home, I actually didn't get that much reading accomplished. After starting really strong this year, I've hit on a few books lately that just weren't that interesting, so I've read about a hundred pages in two or three books now before deciding to take a break and start something else. Still, I feel like I've done a pretty good job of catching up on the Cannonball Read considering that I started a few months after the front runners (who I don't think I will catch up to anyway). Granted, part of the reason is that I haven't read much if any nonfiction or classic literature lately, and I've been sticking to moderate length novels.

Now that I'm on leave, I'm not sure if I'll have more or less time to read, but I have actually been able to go to real life book store! Much like last year, I now have a huge stack of books, and I have no clue if any of them will be any good but I was just excited about the choices.

I've realized one thing in the past few months, though. As much as I like going places to travel, it also really irritates me. Since I tend to go sightseeing, I run into a lot of other tourists, and god, those people can get annoying (obviously, I'm not). During my flight to the States, I shared a cabin with a class of middle schoolers - teenagers/pre-teens are kind of loud. And ditzy. Like, really.

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