Thursday, July 22, 2010

One City Down

I had a great time in Philadelphia - I wasn't sure what I was expecting but it was much prettier than I expected . . . this might have to do with the fact that while I know important history occurred in Philadelphia, I also tend to think of sky scrapers when I think of the sky line, simply based on post cards. Therefore, I wasn't really expecting it to be quite as nice or varied architecturally as it was.

I meant to do an extensive post last night but my computer was acting up again and refused to turn on until this morning. I loved the Philadelphia Museum of Art - great collection, great set up, just wow. Also, I was very happy to discover the Rodin Museum in Philadelphia, and it was only a block away from my hotel. I have three framed prints of Rodin sculptures hanging in my bedroom. Well, had and will have, more accurately. For anyone interested, I have The Kiss, Eternal Spring and Hands/The Cathedrale. So obviously, I was very excited about that.

Also, just randomly, because I thought it was ironic - I ended up going to the National Liberty Museum, and I definitely enjoyed the art and glass sculptures in that museum; mostly, however, I was very amused with the fact that when I first walked by it, there was a man being arrested in front of it . . . Yes, I am easily amused, and maybe if I traveled with people they would have to hear these comments instead of the internet having to deal with them. I would like to do a post later and write about my trip a little it more, but knowing me, that may or may not happen . . . Anyway, off to Boston now.


Maffrew said...

I think it is the Victoria and Albert museum in London where I saw several nice Rodins. I know I enjoyed that museum a lot. Enjoy the rest of your rambling journey. :)

Deistbrawler said...

You mean you were in Philly and didn't hang out with all the Pajibans that live there?

Boston? You have to check out the Sam Adams Brewery. Also, the Union Bay Oyster House is the oldest restaurant in the country. I walked by Cheers but didn't actually go in. AND the holocaust memorial is pretty wicked.

Jen K said...

Maffrew - I have been to London twice, and I still haven't made it to the Victoria and Albert Museum. I really enjoyed the British Museum, though - for some reason, statues tend to appeal to me.

Deistbrawler - I'm going to be back in Philly on Sunday and am planning on meeting with Nicole. I walked by the Union Oyster House this evening but I don't eat seafood. I guess they have two Cheers restaurants now - I'll probably be near the orginal one tomorrow but the other one I accidentally stumbled upon today. By Quincy Market. That whole place makes me wish I didn't have to pay attention to my weight.

denesteak said...

you're meeting nicole!! That's awesome...

I'm slowly catching up on my blogs, as you can see.