Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mount TBR: March Checkpoint

I've read 24 out of the 36 necessary for Mount Vancouver, which is 67% complete.  I've read 41 books total for the year so 59% of the books I've read have been from the "to read" pile.  I'll take that as a win.  Additionally, I've been tracking the number of books I buy, and I've bought 35 this year which puts me in the plus column, having decreased my to read pile by 6 total.  Here is the complete list of books read for this challenge.
I had to double check purchase dates on Amazon to determine which one I've owned the longest, but the one that has sat unread the longest is either My Cousin Rachel (ordered December 2009) or Gates of Fire . . . I don't actually know when I bought this one since I didn't buy it online but I'm pretty confident that I had it in Germany which would mean I've had it at least as long as My Cousin Rachel, and probably a bit longer.  I liked both and while I wish I hadn't let them sit this long, I also didn't love either one so much that I regret not getting around to them previously.


Malin said...

Wow, you are doing a lot better in your TBR reading than I am. Seriously, I am in awe at the speed you read and how well you write about the books.

I'm nearly half of the way through my 24-book challenge. If I'm really lucky, I'll manage 36 by the end of the year, but I doubt it. There's just so many other new and shiny books out there to distract me.

Jen K said...

Thanks - your reviews are always so well-written and detailed. I am always afraid that my reviews stick to the same boring format - don't want to give too much away, don't want to talk too much about myself.
I have way too many unread books - even with this I've barely made a dent in the pile in my spare bedroom. The only reason I'm doing well on this is because I have so many to choose from (I could do the whole keyword challenge with at least two books a month with only books from my to read pile), and because I'm really trying to reduce the to read pile after getting so many comments about it from my dad. The pile in my bedroom is actually getting a bit smaller, but I've started a new one for novels bought this year under my night stand, and those are becoming more and more interesting to me which is why I knew better than to make a larger commitment than I did.