Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Book 146: Frostbitten

This novel returns to Elena as a narrator.  Pursuit of a mutt leads her and Clayton to Alaska.  This actually works out for them since former pack members Dennis and Joey Stillwell live in Alaska, and they have had reports of mysterious deaths.  None of these three reasons alone would have been enough to justify a trip to Alaska but in combination, they do make for a worthwhile trip.

It quickly turns out that there is much more going on, involving a gang of criminal werewolves.  While there are a few other things going on as well, such as an odd beast like creature and another strange werewolf, this is actually one of the more straightforward recent plots.  Instead the focus is on Elena as she realizes she has not worked through some of her issues and vulnerabilities.  The relatively simple plot gives Elena a chance to come to terms with her past fears and begin to grasp the idea that Jeremy has chosen her as the next Alpha.

I know the next three books focus on Savannah, and I'm very curious to see what will happen. The last few books have been slowly hinting at changes in the supernatural, and what this may mean.  For example, Elena's children are the first werewolves known born of two werewolves rather than a werewolf and a human; another recent novel involved humans actually making use of magic, and there are also new species showing up - in some cases, these are old species that have remained hidden and in others they are signs of evolution.  I'm definitely excited to see how this all wraps up, even if this means I have to find a new series.

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