Sunday, December 29, 2013

Book 136: No Humans Involved

Jaime Vegas finally gets her chance to narrate, and as much as I love Elena, I think Jaime and Eve are definitely up there with her for my favorite narrators in this series.  I like Paige but these others are just more fun - it might just be that I really don't like Lucas and Paige's whole playful reward system of sexual favors for successful spell casting.  I mean I get what she is trying to do, but it makes them seem more immature in at least that respect than the rest of the couples.
I think one of the reasons I enjoy Jaime so much is that even though she is supernatural, she is still very relatable because her powers leave her vulnerable compared to the rest of the characters - she doesn't have spells, or super strength; she communes with the dead, and can raise them though she really tries to avoid that as much as possible.  While Jaime is in California for her regular job as a celebrity medium, she stumbles across something that may require her involvement as a necromancer and a council member.
Since Armstrong intermixes a few short scenes from the villains' perspective, the reader already knows that the strange phenomena that Jaime is feeling are actually the result of human sacrifice.  However, there is something off about these sacrifices and deaths because the spirits are not interacting with Jaime the way normal ghosts should.  As Jaime tries to solve this case with the help of Jeremy who has come to visit, she must do so surrounded by other celebrity mediums (only she is a true necromancer) without raising any suspicions.  After years on the celebrity circuit, Jaime has a shot at a television show if this current project goes well: she and two other celebrities are living in a house together to contact the spirit of Marilyn Monroe for a TV special.  Jaime soon realizes that the producers are perhaps less interested in the seance part of this as much as pitting the three of them against each other for a celebrity medium version of The Real World.
The novel introduces a new character (well, I think she was introduced in a short story, but for the novel readers, she is new), Hope Adams, a tabloid journalist and half chaos demon, and while there are a few short scenes with Paige and Lucas, this is mostly Jaime's novel.  I quite enjoyed the phone conversation with Elena and Clay, and how their two children, born in the last novel, are already developing distinct personalities for the readers based simply on phone conversations and stories from Jeremy and Jaime.  Also, after years of crushing on Jeremy, he appears to finally have caught on to Jaime's interest and is even reciprocating though how he feels about the idea of a relationship and being the Alpha is another issue the two have to address over the progression of the story.

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