Sunday, December 29, 2013

Book 141: Tales of the Otherworld

While this collection of stories was also fun, it didn't have the same unifying theme as Men of the Otherworld, and instead gives glimpses into some characters that seem more random as well as the main characters.
For example, it kicks off with a story about Aaron, which sheds more light onto how vampires are created (while there is more than one way, it starts out as a genetic mutation for Aaron).  There is also a short story about Logan, Elena's friend from earlier in the series, who also plays a role in one of the longer novellas of this book: the story of how Elena and Clayton met.  While Elena has already implied or revealed much of this, in this novella, the details are revealed, and it alternates between Elena's and Clayton's perspectives.  While readers already know that Clayton bit Elena, in this book, that part is told from Clayton's perspective, and shows exactly what was going on in his mind.
There are also a few stories involving Lucas and Paige such as their wedding and another case, but the other highlight of the book is the story about Eve and Kristof, and how they met, developed a relationship and fell in love.  Overall, the book is definitely worth a read but feels more like a collection of stories (which it is) than Men of the Otherworld did.

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