Sunday, December 29, 2013

Book 140: Men of the Otherworld

As Armstrong explains in the foreword, she started releasing novellas and short stories related to the Otherworld series on her website every December, and this book is the first to take a selection of those and compile them into one volume.  This focuses exclusively on the men of the Pack, and could really be described as Jeremy's rise to power.  He only narrates the last of the four selections but it is all about him, and it is really perfectly set up.
The first story is told from the 3rd person limited, focusing on Malcolm Danvers, Jeremy's father, and Jeremy's conception and birth.  The story reveals that his mother was a supernatural in her own right and she and her family chose Malcolm to strengthen their bloodline though she obviously didn't count on Malcolm tracking her and Jeremy down before she could escape with him.  The next two novellas are told from Clayton's perspective and deal with his turning and Jeremy's "taming" of him as he becomes his guardian and gets him into the Pack.  I love Clayton as a narrator.  He is so matter of fact about so many things.  Clayton's second novella chronicles Jeremy's rising star in the Pack and the eventual stand off between Jeremy and Malcolm for leadership of the Pack.
The fourth story is narrated by Jeremy, taking place after he and Jaime have gotten together, and brings the narrative full circle.  After seeing Jeremy's supernatural origins on both sides, and witnessing his rise to power, this final story reveals more about his mother's origins.  While it doesn't answer much of anything and raises more questions, at least it gives Jeremy something to research and I hope to see more about this in the next novels of the series.
I really enjoyed this collection, and am glad that she compiled them into a book because I'm not always very good about going out and looking for electronic versions of stories.

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