Sunday, March 16, 2008

I'm Still A Klutz

Remember how back in the beginning of the deployment I talked about all my random klutziness? Well, it hasn't stopped by any means. In fact, I busted my lip open a second time recently - although, at least, it happened in an entirely new way so at least I learn from my stupidity. (In fact, Mom and Dad, if you take a close look at those pictures my PSG sent you, you might even see the scratch/scab above my lip.)

We were in the motor pool earlier this week doing PMCS (preventive maintenance checks and services) on all our vehicles. I was in the cab of one of the trucks, and I had my ACH on. Apparently, I left it a little loose, or it wasn't completely snapped, even though I could have sworn it was, because when I jumped out of the truck, the front of the ACH came forward and smacked me right in the lip (there's a metal attachment at the front of the ACH to attach NVGs to, so naturally that's the part that hit me). As soon as I landed, one of the specialist in the platoon was trying to hand me some papers to look over, so it took me a second to orient myself and focus on what I was seeing. And then I started bleeding all over the place.

It's healing nicely, though. I wonder how many broken bones and scars I would have if I hadn't quickly realized as a child that indoor hobbies such as reading were much safer for someone with my coordination.

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Anonymous said...

Is jumping down the proper procedure to dismount a vehicle? Whatever happened to three points of contact? Do they not teach that in today's Army?
(Ex-Cav Scout PSG)