Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Mochas! Lattes!

We finally have a Green Bean coffee place on Taji! It's like the best thing ever to happen out here. The grand opening was Monday, and I finally made it out there today after lunch. So exciting!

Only problem is that they currently only take cash, and I refuse to get an Eagle Cash Card (there aren't any ATMs out here), so I'm going to run out of cash very soon. They also apparently have gift cards so I'm thinking once the credit card system is up and running, I'll just buy myself a few of those and avoid any other issues.


Boo said...

What is an eagle cash card?

Yay for mocha latte's!!!!

Jen K said...

The Eagle Cash Card is supposed to be like cash and can be used at all the AAFES and food court locations on base - the idea is for it eliminate the need for cash (of course, the machine go down occasionally, so so much for that). It's also the only way to get large amounts of cash out here since there are no ATMs other than Eagle Cash ATMs. They can link back to other bank accounts. I guess they aren't a horrible idea per se, but I like to limit the amount of cards I have so I'm perfectly happy just using my credit card. Also, I think the reason I'm so hesitant to get one is because I have a tendency to confuse it with the AAFES credit cards, and I've heard of a few people having problems with those.