Friday, April 18, 2008

Random Linkage

While going through Google Reader, I saw a few posts that were kind of interesting, especially since they kind of sort of relate to topics I'd recently discussed. By the way, so glad that Google Reader exists since otherwise I could only read about three or four of the blogs I like to keep up with since anything with the word blogspot in the URL is automatically blocked (and yet I can get onto depending on the day and time). Speaking of which, my computer is acting up right now, so I can't actually get onto my email so if you're expecting any responses from me, please be patient - I'll eventually jump onto a computer that lets me check, or hopefully, my computer will stop being so moody.

Anyway, on to the links:

Remember how I recently read some sci-fi by Octavia Butler? Here are some more interesting sci-fi/fantasy recommendations, and summaries of their approaches to gender.

This is a fun review/summary of The Little Mermaid, which just fits in perfectly after reading the book From Mouse to Mermaid. Contains some interesting analysis without being too heavy or theory-oriented.

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