Thursday, May 15, 2008

Temporary Escape

I've been back home for R&R for just about a week now. It took me about four days and several flights to get from my FOB to home, but I made it and devoured three books in the process (I'll write posts on them eventually). First stop, other than a shower, was the mall for new clothes - I've actually gone up a dress size while in Iraq which is rather depressing considering how much I dislike the food. Oh well. It's very nice to not be in uniform so I'm really not too focused upon my size right now. Instead, I'm looking in the mirror thinking, "wow, real clothes!"

Second stop was Barnes and Noble - so great to actually be able to peruse shelves and touch books before selecting them (I love Amazon, and all those book websites but if you don't know what you want, a physical location is definitely better).

I've been keeping it rather low key so far - my friends are kind of spread out all over the place, and with college being out, there isn't too much going on campus-wise, either. I went out last night and got drunk for the first time. It was fun, but I'm not sure how much more drinking I'll be doing while here - since I only have 18 days, I don't really want to waste too much of it being hung over. Also, I'm trying to work out and stay/get in shape, as always (especially with all the restaurants I want to go to), so alcohol doesn't exactly help that in any way. I've missed Dairy Queen M&M blizzards more than drinking (of course, there were always days when a drink would have been nice).

I also got my hair done and colored. I'd already colored it once while in Iraq (I was bored with having the same hair style for 6 months straight but didn't want to cut it) but by the time I got home, it had mostly faded out from bright red to auburn. Oddly enough, I'd never dyed my hair before I got to Iraq. My dad's side of the family has a tendency to go gray early so I figured I'd have to do it soon enough anyway, and might as well enjoy my natural color as long as I could.

I've wanted red hair since I was thirteen and first saw My So-Called Life

My mom's towels after I washed my hair - OOPS!

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