Thursday, December 03, 2009

My Apartment 1

I'm currently waiting for the packers to come and put all my things in boxes. As I was waiting around, I decided it might be a good idea to take a few pictures of the place since I am actually kind of happy with the way some of the rooms ended up decorating-wise after almost three years. Other rooms, I didn't really do much of anything with though I already have the prints and posters I want to get framed and hang up once I'm in the States. For example, my bedroom right now has nothing on the walls but I have three black and white prints/photographs of Rodin sculptures that I'm going to hang up in there as well as a few Mucha prints (and I'll probably end up getting Klimt's The Kiss as well).

It turns out most of my decorations are actually souvenirs with a few exceptions. I'm not sure how many pictures I can do per post so I'm going to break this up - most of my things are in the living room anyway.

I've actually divided my living room into two areas, the actual living room with television and the office space with the computer. This is by the entry into the living room and on the TV side of the room. I got the Tudor Rose at Westminster Abbey, and those are two black and white pictures of Big Ben.

This is the view from the corner next to my TV. Most of this stuff is from different home decor stores in a German shopping center in Schweinfurt (it's about an hour and a half away but since my uncle lives there, I actually go shopping there quite a bit).

Here is a closer view of one of my bookshelves - I don't arrange my book alphabetically or anything but there is definitely a system of sorts. Most of my favorite authors are on this shelf as well as all my fantasy and science fiction (this of course excludes the many books still at my parents' house). Most of the rose themed stuff is from the above mentioned decor stores but the candle is from Budapest, and the owl and thing to the left of it are from Athens.
This is the wall I see from the living room door - the pictures are from Paris, and the Greek style art is actually from a shop near the British Museum in London (since I've been to London twice unlike most other cities in Europe, I have quite a few things from there).

This is a view of the "office" half of my living room (you can also see the government furniture and couch). I need more bookshelves which will probably be the first thing I buy once I get to the States - knowing me, probably even before I buy a bed.

My hookah and the tablet are both from Istanbul. The reproduction of the Rosetta Stone is naturally from the British Museum and the thistle is from Scotland. I picked up the picture frame in Florence though I don't have anything to put in it.

The pictures are from Prague (it's only two hours away so I've been there a few times - such a great city), and the colorful cards on the other wall are views of Paris. And then of course there is my shot glass collection.

This is the view from my desk with coffee mugs from various cities and museums. Between these and the Starbucks city mugs on my fridge, I think I have more coffee mugs for decorative purposes than for drinking.

I'm horrible at getting the pictures and the spacing to line up - that's one thing I never understand about Blogger - however as bad as it may look, I'm not going to spend the next hour trying to adjust spacing.

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