Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Random Book-Related Occurence

A few days ago, I was walking across the parking lot to the post office when a car honked at me.  I figured maybe I'd been in the driver's way and he was expressing his anger at my crossing over the lot, so I turned when he rolled his window down, expecting him to either apoligize when he saw my rank or give me an ass chewing if he was higher ranking.  Instead, the driver leaned over and asked, "did you ever finish that Nazi book?"  Seeing my rather confused expression, he clarified,"the one about Hitler?"  I answered yes but obviously was still a little confused looking.  He further explained, "I saw you reading it at the Greek restaurant."  I guess being dumb enough to read a book about Nazi Germany and Hitler in public in Germany will get you noticed.
Obviously, I think anyone would be surprised to be approached in this way but it definitely didn't help that I'd finished the book a week or two before the incident and already read one or two others.  Additionally, when I heard the term Nazi book, I honestly thought he meant something along the lines of a "how to guide," which I of course would never read or a book written by an actual Nazi.
And everyone tells me I need to get out and that I can't meet people by reading.

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