Thursday, December 03, 2009

My Apartment 2

And here's the rest of my soon to be former apartment.

These are tiles from Florence in the hallway to the bathroom. I bought my parents a tile that says beware of the cats in Italian at the same store.

This is a view of my hallway from the front door. The door on the right leads into the living room (I'm standing next to the door to my bedroom and if I went left, I'd be in my bathroom).

This is the other side of the hallway with the door to the guest room. The really cute coffee themed mirror is from a home decor store in Schweinfurt.

This is the guest room with several masks from Italy (specifically Venice and Florence). I have one more (hence the big gap) but I haven't found any hanging wire to hang it with (all the others masks already had hooks with them).

I spent Thanksgiving weekend in Seville, so I didn't bother to hang up anything from there but once I'm in the States I'm going to hang this fan surrounded by a bunch of postcards of vintage travel posters/advertisements from Seville such as the ones seen here. They'll probably end up in the guest room but it all depends on my new place.

And finally the kitchen - those are not my curtains. They came with the place.

Alcohol and Starbucks.

Alright, so that's the apartment. So where the hell are the packers? I kind of wanted to go into work today, and while they say they'd be here anytime between 8 and 5, the guy that did the preinspection last week said they'd be here early and only take about an hour and a half (how pathetic is that? My whole life can be packed up in an hour and a half).


Anonymous said...

Not your whole life, young lady--I have an attic and garage to attest to that--just your short Army life.

Denesteak said...

wow you have a great apartment, hope you new place is working out.

Also, I read through your CB Reads, and your reads last year, and DAMN are you a prolific reader.

Jen K said...

Thanks. I'm really excited about moving next month - a lot of that is because I can't wait to go to a new unit, and also because I miss the States.