Saturday, January 09, 2010

Because Things Just Can't As Planned, Of Course

I moved out of my apartment on Thursday and will be staying at a hotel on post till Tuesday which has free internet - that naturally I can't get to work on my computer, hence I'm restricted to a quick session at the library at the moment (and I'm four reviews behind, so I could have really used the internet connection). And the library computer won't let me on facebook.

I was supposed to have my final out yesterday at 1230, which would have involved driving to Vilseck for an appointment with finance and getting my final signatures. Unfortunately, the weather stations were predicting a huge blizzard for yesterday so they closed post down at 1200, including finance. Fortunately I called before driving there, but they unceremoniously told me to come Monday at 1230, which also happens to be when we scheduled my farewell luncheon (I'm hoping that if I show up at 8 and beg, they might let me do it then).

Still, as a result, I had to extend my rental car since I need to drive the half hour to Vilseck still. Also, the post office didn't even bother to open on Friday, and I had a few packages I needed to send to myself. Of course, it turns out that might have been a good thing since I just got an email from the apartment building I will be living in, telling me they are putting me in a different apartment than they originally told me - apparently, I just never got the email. Too bad I already tried to be proactive and set up my utilities and my internet for the apartment number they originally told me, and I no longer have free calling to the States (and I am also having problems getting the phone in the hotel room to let me dial). And my current/former landlord called to tell me I owe him an extra 450 Euro for heating and water that wasn't covered in my rent because things have gotten so much more expensive (not to mention that I had to keep the heat on high because my apartment is cold as hell otherwise).

The best part? The blizzard? Yeah, we got like an inch or two tops. And the only thing we got before 5 pm yesterday was a slight dusting. Nothing like going overboard for nothing - I understand we don't people driving on bad roads but couldn't we wait till it actually starts snowing before freaking out? Maybe?

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Denesteak said...

wow, sounds like a clusterfuck. I feel like bad/annoying things always happen together at the same time.

Did everything end up ok? (it's thursday now).

Also, you have THIRTY BOOKS! meanwhile, i can't seem to bring myself to write reviews...