Friday, January 15, 2010

First Few Days Back

Thanks to everyone that asked how everything turned out! We actually got more snow last Monday than we did during the Friday blizzard, so I was worried they'd close post down before I went everywhere I needed to but fortunately, they didn't. I had my final out in the morning, my farewell luncheon at 11 at my favorite Italian restaurant in Graf (it's not necessarily that they have the best food, but it was close to home and I always enjoyed the atmosphere, plus it's always nice to have a place where the waiters basically know what you are going to order). My replacement said they are going to get a plaque made for me so I'll actually have something to represent my time with the unit!

I'm really enjoying being back in the States. I've already found some furniture at Pier 1 and even opened up a credit card with them for a discount. Since they don't deliver, I had to call a delivery company they recommended to get everything to my place and waited all evening last night for it to come. I finally got a call from the company telling me that the driver had quit and they would reschedule me for this morning (which is why I'll be leaving Starbucks as soon as I'm done here).

I've been to Panera, Chipotle and Starbucks. I've also already been to Barnes and Noble and Victoria Secret. My credit card company actually put a warning on my card due to odd activity so I had to call and explain that I just moved back to the States and am spending a lot because 1) I'm setting up my new apartment and 2) I'm going to stores I haven't been to since last March. Fortunately this happened in the States and not while I was traveling in Europe - Victoria Secret wanted to make a sale so they were more than willing to let me use their phone while it would be hard to find a store that would let me call the States in Europe.

Anyway, I need to go; unfortunately my household goods won't be getting here for another month, and I'm really looking forward to hanging up all my decorations and souvenirs in my new place - now that I will have my own furniture, it's going to look really cool. I'll post pictures once it's completely set up.


denesteak said...


God, I'm so jealous. We don't have one in the city... I miss it so much from my days in Illinois.

Welcome back!

Ashley said...

You lucky girl. Can't wait to see pics!! I love Pier One!

Jen K said...

denesteak - I didn't realize you'd lived in Illinois - I'm from Champaign.

Ashley - I think after this week, Pier 1 loves me. I ended up getting my bed from there as well.

denesteak said...

yep, I lived in Evanston for two years. I loved my time there - everyone was so nice and pleasant and it was when I first moved from Singapore.

So if you asked me anything about Illinois or its surroundings, I really couldn't tell you. I was too young and very sheltered, and I only knew my school and my street.