Sunday, June 29, 2014

Book 59: A Fistful of Charms

As it turns out, this is my least favorite novel in the series, and I was honestly surprised by this given how promising the beginning was.  After all, when it starts, Rachel finds out that her ex, Nick, and her partner's son Jax are in trouble and she decides to help them out of the tight spot they've gotten themselves into.  I wasn't a huge Nick fan and didn't understand what Rachel saw in him, but at this point, Rachel has realized that Nick actually wasn't that great.  Given their past she feels like she owes him.  Still, I was excited to see Nick get some comeuppance.

Unfortunately, the novel ends up spending a bit too much time for my tastes on the Ivy-Rachel relationship.  I like Ivy, I mostly like Rachel, I like the idea of them as roommates but I am getting a bit tired of the dynamic of their relationship since it involves a lot of weird undercurrents, and Ivy wanting to make Rachel her scion.  Rachel says she has no interest in being bit, and yet keeps getting into dangerous situations (when Rachel analyzes her feelings and actions, I'm not sure if I thought she was being stupid and acting rashly, or victim blaming herself).  Rachel finally admits to herself that she is an adrenaline junkie and that many of her bad decisions, including her choice of boyfriends are directly related to this part of her personality.

One other thing that bugs me a bit about this series, but this book in particular, is the way that Jenks, Ivy and Rachel interact sometimes in general.  Jenks is mad at Rachel due to something from the previous book, but his son's predicament brings them back together.  For the most part, it is clear that the three of them care for each other, but then other times it is absolutely amazing how they talk to each other and how much abuse they heap on each other.  Jenks can be especially guilty of this.

The actual main plot isn't bad, though it was a bit oddly paced.  After an action packed rescue mission, there is quite a bit of space before the next big event, which is why the relationships end up being such glaring parts of the narrative.  However, I've already read the next novel in the series, and though it begins with some of these same weaknesses, it ends up being the strongest in the series thus far.  Basically, this is a decent novel though definitely a weak link in the series, and from what I've seen so far, I'd still recommend pushing on with the series even if this one is not as enjoyable as the previous ones.

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Malin said...

This is my absolute least favourite of all the books in the series. Stupid Nick!