Sunday, June 29, 2014

Book 60: For a Few Demons More

I was a bit hesitant about the beginning of this novel as it seemed to be retreading the familiar theme of Ivy and Rachel too much in the beginning, but Harrison completely ends up switching things up and really changing the game by the end of this novel.  In the last novel, Rachel recovered an ancient relic, thought to be mythical, that could truly disrupt the balance of power in the supernatural world, as it would allow werewolves to create other werewolves rather than only being hereditary.

Werewolves are dying as the novel kicks off, leading Rachel to believe that someone is searching for this relic.  She is also hired as security for Trent Kalamack's wedding, and Piscary and Al are making her life more difficult, even if Piscary is supposed to be in prison for the next five hundred years.  Rachel's relationship with Ivy continues to be complicated, and her relationship with Kisten doesn't exactly make that any easier.

The novel had more scenes with Ceri, a character I immensely enjoy so that was a definite positive.  Also, Rachel continues to see the world in a very black and white way, which is one of the character traits that annoys me about her just a bit, but by the end, she appears to be more willing to understand the shades of gray.  One thing about this series I occasionally have to remind myself of is that Rachel is only 25, and while many other urban fantasy series seem to have about a year between novels, this is a much faster paced series, with only months passing - as a result, Rachel is still young and immature.  This one is definitely the best one so far, and seems to be a real turning point in the series due to the changes and upheavals in Rachel's life by the end of the novel.


Malin said...

I will say this, Harrison is not afraid to make hard decisions to fix story lines that aren't going in the direction she needs her overall arc to go. The ending of this book really messed me up, though, and if the later books hadn't shown so clearly why she did what she had to do, I'm not sure I could have forgiven her.

Jen K said...

I've already read the next one, and I was especially happy that another issue has finally been resolved! I was surprised with how she ended it, but am definitely looking forward to see how it all ends up.