Thursday, August 17, 2006

Black and Blue

We've been working on combatives for the past four days in the mornings with class room instruction in the afternoons.  It was fun at first, but by about the third day I was ready for a break.  I could barely move today so when they were teaching us new ways to break someone's arm, I couldn't even rotate my body properly or use my nonexistent momentum.  They keep emphasizing the importance of proper technique, and how some people can take out guys twice their size, but not only am I smaller than most of the guys, but I'm also slow so if I ever get this close to the enemy, I'm basically screwed.  That is actually also the reason that we are doing combatives five days in a row rather than giving our bodies a chance to recover: if we are sore, we have to use proper technique and won't muscle our way out - at least that's the theory.  Personally, my body is too tired to use any type of technique, good or bad (random note: for some odd reason, my email account has a bunch of advertisements for martial arts websites on a sidebar right now).

This afternoon we had more classes on BRM since we have five days of BRM starting Saturday (this is the only weekend we have to work through, and we have a four day next week to make up for it, but I definitely could have used a break after combatives).  We got our body armor issued to us today at the end of the day to add to the weight we'll get to carry around eventually.  While we were standing in line to turn in our weapons, the guy in front of me gets down into the kneeling and starts pretending to shoot stuff.  Apparently my expression was less than enthusiastic so he turns to me:  "You're going to have to learn this, you know.  As transportation."  First off, could people please stop telling me about how dangerous Transportation Corps is, especially other 2LTs.  Secondly, just because I need to know it doesn't mean I have to like it.  Also, I don't see how acting like a ten year old boy and playing cops and robbers with imaginary robbers is going to help me be a better leader.  (I'm kind of in a bad mood right now.  My shoulder hurts, I'm tired, it's hot, and I still feel like we should be getting just a bit more off a heads up on leadership positions - 24 hours sounds good, but there are a lot of things that are due 24 hours prior so it still puts that person behind the power curve.)

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Anonymous said...

Ask the guy playing cops and robbers if he saw the movie "We were soldiers"? If yes, then ask him if he remembers the LT that got his squad separated and killed. Might be some kind of correlation there. Hang in there, you'll be with Transportation Officers in about 5 weeks; they are probably tired of hearing the same stuff from newby LTs that haven't got a clue what a transportation officer does, also.