Saturday, August 26, 2006

Halfway There?

I've had the past few days off, so I've been relaxing and catching up on reading for the past few days. I might go to the movies tonight but while I have a minor interest in Invincible and Idlewild, I'm not sure if I want to go to the theater just to go. I watched about three different rentals on Thursday (Shopgirl, Imagine Me and You, The Brothers Grimm), so I might just finish my book instead. One of my roommates went to see her husband for the weekend, and the other one might be getting a hotel room tonight, so it will be nice to have some time to myself.

The last week has been absolutely miserable. This place just keeps getting worse and worse. Last Friday, I fell out on the company run. I have never fallen out on a run before. It was so humiliating. The Company Commander said it was 9 minute pace or slower, but it was actually a bit quicker than that, and I'm not the only who thought so. Of course, unlike the company commander, we were all sore from a week's worth of combatives by that point so naturally we had a hard time keeping up since we were exhausted and he was still rather fresh.

We were at the range from Saturday up until Wednesday. Days on the range are always just long and exhausting, especially if you aren't that good to begin with. They actually let the people that got done early leave before the rest of the platoon, but I was out there in the heat all day Saturday. I got back and my squad was on a special detail so I didn't even have time to eat or shower before we had to go work on that, and then we left for the night range. Fortunately, the days after that didn't go much past 5 or 6, but I was on the line for most of the day Sunday because I couldn't zero, and then on Wednesday, I just couldn't qualify. A lot of people were struggling, and even though now most of the company is qualified, there are only two experts, so I'd say we all still need some practice on the new sights and the CCOs. I'm going to have another chance to qualify on Monday but if that doesn't work out, I'm going to have to start BOLC all over again. My main problem is that I don't think my weapon is quite zeroed since I kept shooting high and to the left, and as much as I tried to adjust, it didn't quite work because I didn't have a reference point. I wasn't even aiming at the target; I had to aim way below it, and still shot above it almost every time.

We also had another PT test on Wednesday morning. A lot of us were rather unhappy about the fact that they'd scheduled a PT test after ten days straight of work, and I was also a bit stressed about the fact that they had to graduation requirements on the same day. I actually improved despite expectations and soreness so that was rather exciting. Now if only I could qualify, I'd be set.

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