Sunday, August 27, 2006

Where'd my weekend go?

I'm currently sitting at the Atlanta Bread Company, messing around online and trying to enjoy the last hours of my weekend. At least this next week won't be nearly as long as last week, but I just don't want to deal with more training. At the end of the week, we should be working on Urban Operations, something that might actually be relevant to my future in the Army. I remember when I was at LDAC, both as a cadet and a cadre member, one of the big complaints about the field was the fact that we were going through these huge "Vietnam-like" forrests rather than training in a desert environment. Of course, that's also the big difference between BOLC and LDAC: BOLC is much more about focused on training while LDAC is designed to evaluate leadership which of course you can do anywhere.

I realize that these schools and training aren't actually what the real Army is all about, but the more I'm at these places, the less I want to be in the Army. Is it bad if I've already started a countdown? (45 months out of 48 down, by the way.) I actually even tried emailing a Transportation officer that graduated from my school a few years ago to get some information about what I'd actually be doing but he never responded.

Meanwhile, the fall semester started last week back at home. I wish I were still in school, especially this semester. The English department was offering a class on Margaret Atwood (!), and GWS had a class on the politics of fashion. Doesn't that sound cool? I love Margaret Atwood, especially The Handmaid's Tale and The Blind Assassin. Actually, I think I've read all the books that would have been on the syllabus, but my favorite part about English was always the ability to discuss the novels with other people that were also reading them, and hearing some of the interpretations from professors that I had not quite seen. Hopefully once I'm settled I can take classes at night or online, or possibly even join a book club.

Tomorrow I'm going to have to rezero my M-4, and then have another chance to quaify. If I don't, I'll be here a few more weeks and have to go through combatives all over again, so wish me luck.

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