Thursday, September 21, 2006

24 more hours

I'm almost done! This past week has been messed up and inefficient as usual but it doesn't matter because I leave in less than 24 hours. We spent all of Monday and most of Tuesday cleaning our weapons with minimal cleaning supplies. Lots of fun, especially when they wouldn't release us on Tuesday because our weapons weren't clean. 3rd and 4th platoon were both done by 10 pm (and all of Bravo was done before 8), 2nd hung with us until 1 or 2 am but we stayed up cleaning until 5 am - and that was just the M-4s. At that point we went on a rotation by squad for the eight crew serve weapons, and finally had those done by 9. And we even had PT at 6 that morning: we called our captain (who had left by 5 Tuesday evening) and asked if we still had PT despite the fact that we would get less than an hour of sleep and he said, of course. However, he didn't bother to show up himself - which was probably a good thing because we were so unmotivated and out of it that the lone cadre member that showed up told us to go back inside after ten minutes and that he didn't need us until 10 (except for the crew serve cleaning squad, of course), and later even moved that time back to 11. That sergeant has actually been gone for the past half week for a family emergency so it seems that he may have been the voice of reason. He's also my squad mentor which means he's going to be counseling me tomorrow (I'll finally get the results to those peer evals - although one squad member told me today that I'm not the worst - he said the other female who I actually ranked in the middle was worse because she didn't help out and complained a lot - hell, that's all I ever do as anyone who's been reading this probably knows).

We also had CIF turn-in on Tuesday which was ridiculous - we got there about 30 minutes before the place even opened, and the line moved extremely slowly - basically the first people went through the line at 8, and the W's finally made it back to the barrack at lunch time. It wouldn't be a big deal, but it would have made so much more sense to take one platoon at a time, or one quarter of the alphabet since we still needed to clean weapons at that point but no, they had all 157 of us in the line at the same time. It's almost as if they've learned nothing from the last cycle - which they haven't given us an AAR for the past two weeks so maybe they haven't.

The past two days we've been packing and cleaning. We also had graduation rehearsal today - another waste of time since all we have to do is stand up and sit down at the same time. The only people that have anything to do are the key leadership and the honor grads who are getting certificates. I read my book through half of the rehearsal. Actually, I don't even see the point of graduation - I'd much rather just sign out and go to my next school. They greeted friends and family during the practice run throughs, but all of us LTs just about fill the room so it's not like they're even expecting family. Although I heard one woman in my platoon talking to her sister on the phone about how excited she was about her coming since no one else in the family was. The only way I'd want my parents to come would be if they lived in Lawton, and even then I'd reconsider making them sit through it - it's not like I do anything in the ceremony.
Anyway, off to pull my last CQ shift for a while - since we stay in lodging and not barracks at OBC, it might not even exist there but I'm not sure.

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