Sunday, September 03, 2006

Oklahoma Culture

Yesterday we explored the culture of Lawton some more. We went to the Golden Corral for lunch, and ran into another guy from our platoon, so the four of us sat together. I don't think I've ever seen this many buffets in such a small area. After lunch, my roommate, JD and I went to a few different shops in Lawton, including a pawn shop. It was kind of crazy. The owner had all his pistols in the back counter, located conveniently next to the religious material. JD and I were both looking at some of the pamphlets and joking around so the proprietor of the store was kind enough to give us each a copy of "Pornography: The Road to Hell." It turns out that men (because women are only mentioned as the "wives of porn-freaks" and not users) who like pornography are dogs who will end up alone with their semen (yes, it actually said that). Additionally, it is woman's place to honor and obey her husband even if he is a wicked man because first comes God, then Jesus, then the husband, and then the wife.

Not only was the pawn shop owner a religious nut of sorts, but he also had a thing for gun (obviously, given the location of the pistols and pamphlets). He started a conversation with JD and some other guy about his 90 round magazine (what is he hunting - dinosaurs? I am pretty sure there is nothing here that wouldn't die after a few rounds, unless he is just that bad of a shot - even I should be able to hit something with that many rounds). He also hates Bush but he's very grateful to him for not re-newing the ban on assault weapons. Where the hell am I? Can somebody get me out of here? To add to the oddity of Oklahoma, about half the radio stations are Christian, and the beer has to have a lower alcohol content here than in other states.

I actually went into a Christian bookstore yesterday. There were some nice things, a lot of trinkets that looked like dust collectors, and a Bush biography as well as a Patriotic Karaoke CD. I haven't been in that many Christian stores, so I'm not sure if this is the exception or the rule, but it just seems like an interesting mix of patriotism and religion, as if all good Christian folk are also good patriots and vice versa. Of course, I guess it's easier to mix those two together with our current president.

In the evening we went and saw Crank. It was a bad movie, but highly entertaining. My roommate hated it, but Juan and I were cracking up during most of it. I feel like I got my five bucks worth.

Today, we drove around Oklahoma City in search of Qdoba's, and a mall. My roommate already saw the museum and the memorial last weekend, so we didn't go there, but we stopped by a Art Festival, and the Farmer's Market/Antique shops - there was so much junk. Next weekend, we might go to the zoo or I might look if there is an actual art museum. I haven't been to the Chicago Art Institute in more than a year, so it would be nice to see an art gallery.


spaceCADETzoom said...

I don't know you, but I just thought I'd drop a line and say you've entertained me for the last few minutes on this here blog. I don't remember what I typed in google to get here. I was looking for something bolc 2 related and found this here blog. It's funny my buddy was supposed to go to BOLC 2 with me in october too, but got his dates changed when they pulled him for LDAC. Anyway, just commenting on the neat insight you're doling out here on the time at LDAC I'm glad i didn't get (I got to GBR) and the fun (!) things i'm looking fwd to at bolc.. It's appreciated.

Anonymous said...

There's an art museum in downtown OKC. Right now there's an exhibit of Egyptian artifacts. A nice collection of glassworks sits in the museum too.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Pawn shop owners are a little different to begin with, Oklahoma or not. Yes there are backward people everywhere. You are judging Oklahoma based on too few experiences and you do not seem to be very pro Christianity. Your opinions are harsh and critical, not to mention unkind. There are many refined and well educated people in most cities, even the ones in Oklahoma. How narrow minded!