Thursday, October 08, 2009

Dollhouse + Emmys = We Need More Whedon!

So I've kind of been neglecting my blog these last few weeks. I've been reading some, but I've also been easily distracted by DVDs (doesn't help that I kept getting irritated with a character in one novel, and then another book was good but really needs to start moving along).

I finally got Dollhouse recently and the last half of the season was amazing. The first half focused more on the story of the week kind of stuff while the last half really started building the overall story arch and the conspiracy theories that Whedon is so good at (I still think that given a chance to continue with Firefly, the Guild would have turned out to be much darker and more sinister than at first glance - just look at how the Watchers' Council on Buffy went from being a distant presence to incredibly controlling and patronizing to the descendants of men who had forced these powers upon a young girl). I also really enjoyed the final episode that didn't air on FOX which takes places ten years after the events of the first season. So cool. Plus, I really like Amy Acker. (SPOILER: I loved the fact that her character ended up being a doll and how during the flashbacks towards the end of the season, they showed her in a few different roles rather than the strict, reserved doctor she played most of the season, or the sweet nerd from Angel).

This is a little bit old, but apparently this played during the Emmy's and because there is no such thing as too much Joss Whedon, I'm going to post it:

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