Sunday, October 18, 2009

Florence: First Impressions

I got to Florence this afternoon, and so far, I love it. I enjoyed Milan but two days were enough given the prices. Everything so far is incredibly close together in Florence, even closer than in Milan, and it's absolutely amazing. I walked through a market with lots of different leather goods on my way to San Lorenzo, and of course went into the church as well. Unfortunately I couldn't take pictures in there but there was one painting in the church particularly that I couldn't stop staring at. San Lorenzo is attached to the Medici Chapel which contains the tombs of some important Medicis as well as some sculptures designed by Michelangelo. The ceiling in this chapel was amazing, with different biblical scenes. I think I've said this before, but say what you will about Catholicism, at least it inspired some great art.

After that I headed over to the market place and the Duomo (I've gathered that duomo is the Italian word for dom or cathedrale). As impressive as the one in Milan was, I much preferred this one, and just couldn't stop taking pictures. Granted, the one in Milan might be nicer on the inside and its pure size is just breathtaking, but when it comes down to it, it is simply a larger version of things I have seen before. The one in Florence on the other hand certainly has a similar design to most churches but it actually has color - on the outside - and is not just a large grey or white building. Also, there were of course lots of ice cream places in Milan but the one day I really wanted ice cream, I couldn't find any (and I refused to go back near the Duomo for price reasons) - I've seen several shops along basically every road here, and have already had a scoop of tiramisu gelato (I couldn't decide if I wanted tiramisu or gelato so that seemed like a good compromise). I'm definitely looking forward to the next few days.

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