Saturday, January 05, 2013

Book 48: The Wise Man's Fear

This is the second novel in the Kingkiller Chronicles trilogy, and while it was still an engaging read, it also suffered a bit from similar issues as other second novels in trilogies.  Due to running into some problems at school, both with people and with money, Kvothe decides to take the semester off, and heads to another city to try to get a patron in the form of the Maer, a very powerful man in Severen.  If Kvothe can prove himself and help the Maer woo a woman, he hopes that the Maer would agree to be his official patron.  His work for the Maer leads to several different adventures, including an interlude in the land of faeries, and an explanation of where Kvothe learned his fighting skills.  Some of these side tasks lead him to cross paths with the Amyr or Chandrian that he has been pursuing but he doesn't learn too much more.
Basically, the two book of the series have been hinting all types of adventures and intrigue that involve Kvothe, and while the book reveals some of it, I don't feel like it went nearly far enough, considering that there is only one book remaining.  Especially since it seems like there is upheaval in the current day of this world, and I assume at least part of the third book may deal with having to face forces in the present rather than just talking about the past.  For example, the novels have been hinting at Kvothe's expulsion from the University, but two books in, and Kvothe is still a student, even if he is one that took a year off.  That means there is only one book for the reader to get any type of closure with the Chandrian, for Kvothe to get expelled and for the reader to find out why he is also referred to as the Kingkiller (other than the obvious, more importantly how it happened).  As a result, while I enjoyed the novel, I was also disappointed that it didn't reveal more.  It just seems like the third novel is either going to be huge or incredibly rushed which would be disappoining after how well-paced the first two were.


Jimmy B. said...

Hey Jen,

I've lurked your blog for years now. I found it when I was TOBC and heard the story of the infamous blogger that had to be stopped. Anyway, I thought you might like to know that Pat Rothfuss signed on to write a second trilogy that is expected to pick up this series in present day.

Thanks for turning me on to Pajiba and CBR!


Jen K said...

Thanks for the comment. I had no idea that I became a cautionary tale. They did contact my chain of command so within two weeks of in-processing I had a stern talking to by the BN XO and had to give the BC a brief on OPSEC and legalities of blogging in the Army. Ironically enough, the t-school commandant was in the TSC my SB fell under and about two years after all this, he sent out an email encouraging Soldiers to blog and share their stories.
Good to hear about Rothfuss but fantasy authors really can't keep it short. I think Wheel of Time was supposed to be a trilogy originally.