Saturday, January 05, 2013

Book 49: Girls in White Dresses

When I picked this up, I was basically expecting chick lit, but possibly a more realistic version of it.  Instead, it was more of a collection of vignettes told from various different characters that are all in the same social group.  Some characters have more than one vignette, while others have only one from their perspective but are referenced in later discussions.  While this novel wasn't a page turner by any means, and it actually took me a while to get into the format, overall I felt like the novel rang rather true.  Or at least it rang true of what I hear other people's lives are like.
The various character drift in and out of relationships and jobs, but none of them have the perfect life as seen in a chick lit novel.  Instead, they seem representative of lots of college grads trying to figure things out, some taking longer to figure out what they want or to just get lucky and find the right guy or profession.  While none of the characters are necessarily super developed, I think that is what helps make it so relatable.  Basically, it's a quiet novel, and while it's not necessarily a book that I would run out and recommend to everyone if only because it's not something that I would even think of, it also isn't a waste of time.  I realize I haven't given much plot summary but there isn't necessarily much of a plot - it just chronicles the lives of various friends and their relationships with each other, men and their success or lack thereof professionally.

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