Monday, April 20, 2009

Movies: Rachel Getting Married

While I was on leave, my mom and I got Rachel Getting Married from Netflix. It definitely wasn't what I expected. Between reviews and the Oscar nod for Anne Hathaway, I was under the impression that this was a good movie. Anne Hathaway's performance was definitely very good but the rest of the movie kind of irritated me. And there were lots of moments were it seemed like it might be going somewhere or had potential, it just didn't quite go in that direction.

One of the things that bothered me the most was the way they handled diversity. Considering how often films simply have a white cast, it is a good thing when a movie has diversity in it. It almost seemed unrealistic in this film, though, or as if they were intentionally trying to say, these are good people, they have all kinds of friends. Actually, it wasn't so much the diverse cast that bothered me but some of the other stuff. Explain to me why a white woman marrying a black guy would wear a sari to her wedding? Am I supposed to see her as open minded, or am I supposed to see her as some Westerner who's appropriating some other culture's symbols because she wants to be hip and think they look nice? Because I was definitely leaning towards the later. If at any point in the film there had been even the slightest explanation, such as "Rachel studied abroad in India for a semester" or "Rachel converted to Hinduism," I wouldn't have had an issue with it because there was actual meaning to it. This way it just seemed like a way for the movie to make her more "cultural." Also what Army E-4 is going to own both Class As and dress blues? Most E-6s I know only have Class As.

I also could not deal with the pacing of the film. I know they were going for a realistic/documentary style look, but seriously, the wedding reception? I didn't need to see every single song they played nor did I need to see a minute worth of dancing to each single song. I don't care. I want to see more of the story line and plot, not random filler.

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