Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Why I Should Never Leave

Turns out that when going on vacation for a week and half, it is generally a good idea to disconnect the i-pod, especially if it's one that drains like crazy because of age. I got home from leave only to discover that my car wouldn't start. Oops. Only had to waste an hour or two that day and then get a new battery. Let's just say I didn't get as much done as intended yesterday, and I'm incredibly jet-lagged now.

I also got to work only to discover that my computer wouldn't let me log in and one or two other computers wouldn't even read my card. After a trip to the ID card center to reset my pin, my computer still wouldn't recognize me - turns out the computer had been accidentally deleted from the network. Only took me two and a half hours to finally check my email! And discover a deadline was a bit earlier than I'd expected. I spent the rest of the day in the vault at battalion.

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