Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Book 112: Broken

I'm stil really enjoying this series, but this one was a bit off to me, and I didn't like it as much as the other novels.  There were definitely aspects I liked, and it's still more enjoyable than many other series that would already be getting repetitive.  Armstrong lets her characters develop and their lives change which helps the series as a whole.
Elena is pregnant with twins in this book, and given how rare female werewolves have been throughout history, as far as she knows, a pregnant werewolf is unprecedented.  As a result, the whole Pack is concerned and taking things very easy to make sure Elena remains safe, and not stressed.  A few months ago, the Pack made a deal with a half demon that Elena met in Stolen, and the events of this novel kick off when he asks for them to come through with their half of the deal.  He wants them to steal a letter believed to have been written by Jack the Ripper.
Things mostly go smoothly with the heist, but there is a small mishap, and it opens a portal that had been hidden in the letter.  With it, the portal brings some zombies and 19th century diseases, so the Pack is soon trying to determine who controls the zombies and the portal and how to send them back where they belong.
Jaime Vegas shows up, and she is definitely still infatuated with Jeremy who seems to be mostly oblivious.  As usual I liked all the characters and the creativity in the novel but the Pack also just seemed way too clueless in this one.  They were completely focused on one solution to the problem, to the extent where they completely ignored other suspicious activities.  I realize they were distracted with the pregnancy, but it seemed so obvious what was going on - I don't expect these novels to have huge unsolvable mysteries because that's not why they are fun, but I also don't want the main characters to be total idiots when dealing with a case.  Hence, this one was only okay to me, and not quite on the same caliber as the rest of the series.

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