Sunday, December 29, 2013

Book 139: Personal Demon

This one starts out very strong and interesting, but I wasn't enjoying it as much by the end.  Hope Adams, chaos demon, tabloid reporter of the fake supernatural and council member, is recruited by Benito Cortez to pay up on a debt she owes him and infiltrate a gang of supernaturals in Miami.  This gang has been disgruntled with the Cabal, but this is nothing new.  However, Cortez is concerned because they seem to be taking more actions against the Cabal and causing more trouble.  He wants her to pretend to be someone else to get into the group since given the rarity of her specific type of half demon they would surely be glad to have her.
I like Hope when she is in investigative reporter mode and she seems generally self reliant on her own in that mode.  Parts of her powers are quite interesting since she can tell when someone has chaotic thoughts, such as when they might be planning to make a violent move against someone, and she can also tell where violence has occurred and what has occured.  Those both seem like good skills to have.  However, she is attracted by the chaos so once she gets to a place that can feed this hunger in her, she basically becomes useless and a liability.  While Jaime might feel like she isn't that helpful and is a damsel in distress, at least she would be able to walk out of a scene.  With Hope that isn't guaranteed.  As a result, I think Hope may be my least favorite narrator.
Hope also had been flirting around with Karl, the werewolf, for quite a while but when they finally acted on it, it didn't go well.  He is back in the picture now, and Hope is trying to determine what his intentions are.  While Hope is investigating the gang, she is also in communication with Lucas to ensure his father plays it straight.  Lucas actually narrates a few chapters.
Overall, I liked the story that developed, and there were quite a few threads to tie together as no one is ever quite sure who to trust when a Cabal is involved, so I enjoyed the story, I just didn't really enjoy Hope as a narrator.  This is the first novel of the series that had multiple narrators, too (some of the others have had scenes from a different perspective but never to this extent).  I can't believe that I'm already over halfway done with the series.  I'm enjoying them so much, I'm actually kind of sad that I'm coming closer to the end.

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