Sunday, December 29, 2013

Book 132: The Chocolate Thief

There have been a few reviews of this over at the CBR V, and it sounded cute.  Additionally, I was trying to find a title with a variation of "brown" in the title, so this was exactly what I was looking for.  I'm not sure if this falls more into the "chick lit" or romance category of books but it certainly seems to work for both.
Cade Corey has always been the good daughter - her sister is off doing protests, while she plays her part as the Corey heir.  Corey chocolates is basically a stand in for Hershey's, and Corey wants to expand into the European market.  Cade also has a wish to start having a branch of the factory that sells gourmet chocolate, and in pursuit of this plan, travels to Paris to talk to worldfamous chocolatiers and see if any of them will give their name to her venture.  Her first choice is Sylvain Marquis but he practically chases her out of his kitchen.  While more polite, the rest of the chocolatiers also give her firm no's.  Cade is flummoxed by these reactions, and doesn't understand why none of them are willing to partner with her.
While Marquis has no interest in the Corey empire, he is fascinated by Cade.  He quickly discovers that someone is breaking into his kitchen and stealing his chocolates.  Naturally it is Cade because she is so irritated and attracted to him.  I was glad when the chocolate thiefing was over because it seemed so ridiculous, but it was an entertaining story.  One thing that I really appreciated about this novel is that Florand did not throw in some stupid story line to keep the couple apart once they were together or to break them up.  That isn't to say that everything is perfect once they are together as there are clearly still some issues as neither knows quite how much to trust the other's interest, and they still have work related conflicts but nothing is blown up so much that the two can't talk it through.
Between the fact that Florand doesn't throw in pointless contrivances just to expand the plot, and all the chocolate, this was definitely a fun breezy read, and I will pick up the next one in the series.  Unfortunately, I've never had the same infatuation with Paris and France that many have so the setting really didn't do much for me beyond the generic "I'd love to be back in Europe" feeling.  Personally, I would always choose London or Rome over Paris.  Or Brussels if we're talking chocolate - I do love Godiva.

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