Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"I Love Going to the Movies"

I went to the movies for the first time since May last night! There's a theater in Regensburg that has one English language screening per week, and this week, it was Quantum of Solace. I actually got to see it the same weekend it came out in the States. The three of us may have had to drive an hour each way to see a damn movie, but once in a while, it wouldn't actually be that bad since I like Regensburg, and could easily turn it into a longer trip. The only con with that is that it looks like English night is usually Monday, and once work starts back up for real, that eliminates the option of spending the afternoon in Regensburg. However, there are some movies that would be worth the drive, and the half a tank of gas.

I did, however, learn a few interesting things that evening - they have assigned seating in German theaters, so it actually does make sense to buy them online, especially if there's a larger group. We got our tickets two hours before the movie started (we went shopping at the "mall" next door first), and since there were three of us, we had a choice of basically two places to sit. Once we were in the theater, Pivo started complaining that they put us in the corner and I, of course, couldn't prevent myself from lamely referring to a certain Dirty Dancing quote.

Also, there were about fifteen minutes of random advertisements, followed by the curtain closing again and the lights coming on, and then finally previews (in German, even though it was an English language showing - I have to say, though, that as messed up as Tom Cruise may be, he tends to pick movies that at least look like they could be entertaining). I think the movie itself started about half an hour after the listed time (and the ads were pretty crappy). Still, the theater itself was much nicer than the ones on post, and I got to see the movie now rather than in a month or two. The seats didn't have cupholders, though. I found that incredibly odd.

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