Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Pantheon

I saw the Pantheon on my second day in France. Overall, I think I enjoyed that Saturday the most since it had a nice balance of everything. While Sunday had the Rodin Museum and the Water Lilies, it also had the Louvre which was way to overrun with tourists and slightly overwhelming. On Saturday, I managed to see quite a few sites, such as the Cluny, the Pantheon, Notre Dame and a few couture stores (Armani sun glasses!), all within walking distance of each other, and after a quick metro ride, I was at the Arc de Triomphe, and Avenue Champs Elysees (while I didn't buy much of anything, I got to see all the stores). I saw a lot while also having time to shop and enjoy myself. Sunday, I was definitely doing the annoying tourist thing of running from place to place just to be able to say I saw it and make sure I didn't miss anything. Anyway, this section of town was nice because right next to the Pantheon, there was also a beautiful church, but I'll show that later in the month.

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